Daisy MacKenzie School of Dance

Class Updates & Latest Information

A Facebook 'Like' page has now been set up (primarily for class pics of comps/events etc)             http://facebook.com/daisyshighlanddancers

You can also go through the main page set up as Daisy's Dance - which can be found at www.facebook.com/daisysdancers

*Annual memberships due in September *                                                                                    (£5 / £2.50 for a 2nd child in the family)


Class fees for August will be collected along with September's                                                                          (envelopes will be given out at class week beg 25 Aug 2015)


Classes starts back on Monday 17th & Wednesday 19th August 2015


Bag Pack Morrison, Erskine 10am-4pm


Classes return Mon 18th August & Wednesday 20th August 2014


Return on Wed 23rd April & Mon 28th April


Easter Holidays - Mon class is closed on 7th, 14th, 21st April.

                     Wed class is closed on 9th & 16th April

Have a lovely Easter!  


Raffle tickets - please return slips and money to class by Wed 26th February 2014


Exam Times - Saturday 22nd February 2014

Pre-Primary - 10am

Bronze - 11am

Grade 1 - 11.20am

Silver - 11.45am

Grade 2 - 12.30pm

Gold - 2pm

Silver Star - 2pm

Gold Star - Written: 11.30am / Dancing: 2pm


Gentle reminder: Exam fees are due by 15th January - no late fees will be accepted

Also please note as of January classes will be paid a month in advance, please use your brown envelope to pay class fees


Happy new Year and hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

Classes re-start on Monday 13th Jan 2014 and Wednesday 15th Jan 2014


October Holiday - Monday class will be closed on 14th & 21st Oct

                      Wednesday class will be closed on 16th Oct


* Kilt for Sale within class: full outfit (See Michelle for more details)


* Bank Holiday - Monday class will be closed on 30/9


* Memberships now due - please pay at class asap 

(£5 / £2.50 for a 2nd child in the family)   

* Dundee Comp 8/9 Special Dances (Novice+)Village Maid & Flowers of Edinburgh




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